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Faculty of Science
- Subject: Physics

A. Panel member (2015 - 2016)

  • Panel Head: Mr. Yip Kin Fung
  • Members:
    • Mr. Cheng Hong Yung
    • Mr. Law Hiu Fung
  • Technicians: Ms. Wong Ho Yee

B. Purposes

  1. To cultivate interest in studying physics. Enable students to acquire knowledge of physics principles, and to appreciate the beauty of the simplicity of physics laws.
  2. To develop skills such as problem solving, data analyses, scientific investigation, and scientific communication skills.
  3. Develop awareness of relating physics to daily life issues.

C. Activities carried out

  1. School-based enrichment programs for high achievers in F.4 - F.6 students
  2. Summer enrichment course (2005) for F.3 students, co-organized with CUHK physics department
  3. F.6 students participated in the "enrichment course for physics talents", organized by CUHK
  4. F.6 students participated in the Physics Olympiad training program, organized by HKUST
  5. Attended talks given by 2004 Physics Nobel Prize Winner and a follow-up talk by CHUK professors
  6. Participated in the Hong Kong Physics Olympiad competition, Pan Pearl River Delta Physics Olympics competition, Online Bridge Design Competition, Hong Kong Fun Science Competition
    • Students and their bridge models for the Hong Kong Fun Science Competition

  7. Science Week co-organized with other science departments
    • Science week photos

  8. Investigative study for F.3 and F.6 students
    • F.6 students carrying out investigations

  9. F.5 students participated in the day camp on investigative study workshop, organized by HKUST
    • F.5 students in the UST workshop (2 photos)
  10. Visits to the power plant and Hong Kong observatory

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