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Faculty of P.S.H.E.
- Subject: Liberal Studies (2017 - 2018)

A. Panel Members:

  • Mr. Cheng H. Y. (Panel Head)
  • Ms. Tasng Y. Y. (Junior Form Panel)
  • Mr. Yu K.K.
  • Ms. Pang H. M.
  • Mr. Lau K. F.
  • Ms. Leung B. K.
  • Mr. Chow S. C.
  • Mr. Lau K. F.
  • Mr. Chan W. M.
  • Ms. Lee L. L.

B. Purposes

  1. To enhance students to develop multi-perspectives on current issues in different contexts.
  2. To develop a range of thinking skills for life long learning.
  3. To help students to develop positive values and attitude towards life.
  4. To help students become responsible citizens of the country, society and the world.
  5. To help junior form students to have a good foundation and preparation for senior form Liberal Studies curriculum.

C. Implementation:

Junior Form Curriculum

Junior Form Liberal Studies provides opportunities for students to explore issues relevant to their living in a wide range of contexts. The coverage includes contemporary issues, media resources in simpler and easier context. It helps students to make connections among different disciplines, examine issues from a variety of perspectives, and construct background knowledge, relevant vocabulary and cultivate their logical thinking and skills in identifying the causal relationship. Meanwhile, project learning and various generic skills are integrated in the curriculum.

The implementation of project learning as one of the four key strategies in the curriculum reform of basic education to help students to achieve the goal of “learning to learn”, has enabled them to develop many skills for conducting enquiries. The open and flexible curriculum framework will be adopted at school as a part of students’ learning experience, thus equipping them with generic skills and helping them to connect knowledge from different fields.

Senior Form Curriculum

Senior Secondary Liberal Studies is a response to the community’s expressed needs for a cross-curricular learning opportunity for all senior secondary students. The curriculum designs helps to foster intellectual ability in general, and develop multiple perspectives that will be of benefit to students in further studies at the tertiary level. Through the enquiry and in-depth discussion, students should be cultivated their civic literacy, social awareness and ability to make informed decisions.

To prepare students for their IES, there will be an IES day designed for F4 students after the post-final examination period. A wide variety of activities, such as visiting to the museums, community visits, heritage tours, etc. will be arranged to cater for students with different interests for their research.

Senior Form students benefit from the sharing sessions led by alumni. Graduates of Lam Woo come back to share their experience and preparation for their DSE. Tutorial classes are arranged for students in need.

E. LS activity photos

  1. A talk on Cultural Globalization to F6 students by Mr. Gary Tang, 2nd October, 2015
  2. IES Day – visiting the squatter house in Fanling, 3rd July, 2015
  3. IES Day – learning about hydroponics in Vegetable Marketing Organization, 3rd July, 2015

  4. 4. IES Day – visiting the June Fourth Museum, 3rd July, 2015

  5. City Forum, 15th February, 2015

  6. I-cable Reporters’ sharing, 5th January, 2015

  7. Visit to No. 27 Lugard Road, 25th November, 2014

  8. Baptist University CIE IES Research Method Workshop, 9th October, 2014

  9. IES Day – Squatter House Visit, 4th July 2014
  10. Squatter House pic 1 Squatter House pic 1 Squatter House pic 1

  11. IES Day – Food Recycling Experience, 4th July 2014
  12. Food Recyclinge pic 1 Food Recyclinge pic 2 Food Recyclinge pic 3

    Food Recyclinge pic 4

  13. IES Day – Mei Ho House visit, 4th July 2014
  14. Mei Ho House pic 1 Mei Ho House pic 2 Mei Ho House pic 3

    Mei Ho House pic 4

  15. LS Talk – June Fourth Incident talk, by Mr. Eric Poon Tat-pui, 21st May, 2014
  16. June 4th pic 1 June 4th pic 2 June 4th pic 3

    June 4th pic 4 June 4th pic 5

  17. St. Clare’s Girls’ School professional exchange, 6th March 2014
  18. st clares pic 1 st clares pic 2 st clares pic 3

    st clares pic 4

  19. Nuclear disaster talk, Greenpeace, October 2013
  20. nuclear disaster talk pic 1 nuclear disaster talk pic 2

    nuclear disaster talk pic 3 nuclear disaster talk pic 4

    nuclear disaster talk pic 5

  21. Airport Excursion, May 2013
  22. Prof. Ma Ngok’s Speech, Nov 2012
  23. Legislative Council Visit, November 2011
  24. lego visit 2011 pic1 lego visit 2011 pic2

    lego visit 2011 pic3 lego visit 2011 pic4

    lego visit 2011 pic5

  25. IES DAY: EcoPark Visit, July 2011
  26. Eco Park Visit Pic1 Eco Park Visit Pic2

    Eco Park Visit Pic3 Eco Park Visit Pic4

    Eco Park Visit Pic5 Eco Park Visit Pic6

    Eco Park Visit Pic7 Eco Park Visit Pic8

  27. June 4 Vigil, June 2010
  28. june 4 vigil pic1 june 4 vigil pic2

    june 4 vigil pic3 june 4 vigil pic4

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