Language Across the Curriculum



As the medium of instruction is the key to understanding the subject content in an EMI school, an LAC learning course is jointly designed by English content subject teachers. Its content is school-based and is tailored-made for our F. 1 students. LAC has been established in 2002 and now is taught by our experienced language teachers.



Staff List (2012-2013)

Ms Hung Ching Pan ( Chief Advisor)

Ms Yim Choi Wan (Subject coordinator)

Ms Chan Lai Heng

Ms Pang Hok Man











Provide a welcome rapport to help build an open and   happy atmosphere for the new comers.

Develop basic language and examination skills to ease language barriers of F.1 students on entering an EMI school through tailor-made curriculum.

Enhance presentation skills that are necessary for Cross Curriculum Studies or project work.

Develop 4 generic skills, values and attitudes in their learning.

  • Only runs for F.1 students' adaptation in the first term.
  • Exempt from the tests and examinations.
  • Student assessment is based on practical work.
  • Parents are invited to assess their child's performance.
  • Student course book is revised every year to up-to-date the learning materials.



LAC programs, which have multiple focuses, are structured and based on an English-across-the curriculum approach.

•  Language Skills

•  Project Skills

•  Self Reflection

•  Interactive Activities






  1. 10/01/2005
    Sharing Session on Language Across the Curriculum Programme
    Tak Sun Secondary School
  2. 22/10/2005
    Sharing Session on Development of Support Measures for Student Adaptation in English-medium Schools
    Education and Manpower Bureau
  3. 04/04/2006
    Sharing Session on Enhancement English Learning in an EMI school-What LAC is About
    Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School and SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School