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Pastoral Care and Religious Education Section (PRS)

Section Head: Mr. Chow Siu Choi, Assistant Principal
Members:Mr. Yu Wan Yui (Deputy)
Ms Lo Chui Yee
Ms. Lo Chui Yee
Ms. Ng Shan Shan


1. Supervision
  • Christian Fellowship
  • Commission Service
  • Form Coordination Committee
2.Oversee and Coordinate the Services of the Six Pastoral care Sections
  • Identify students’ needs and problems and reflect them to the school.
  • Provide guidelines for the formulation of section program plans
  • Ensure program plans align with school’s directions
  • Conduct regular meetings to review program plans & services provided
3.APASO Surveys
  • Conduct and analyze the APASO survey to identify the needs and problems of students
4.Supervise Form Coordination Committee
  • Enhance team spirit and develop a caring culture at class level
  • Identify studentsˇ¦ problems at different levels & strengthen support network among peers and within classroom
  • Hold consultation conferences with DS, GS and social workers to explore and agree on effective measures to alleviate problems
5.   F1 Adaptation
  • Coordinate with CS, DS, GS and MCES to implement programs to ease the adaptation of F.1 to secondary education
6.School Function
  • Conduct the Student-Teacher Conference to foster better understanding and relationships between Form Teachers and students
7. Religious Education
  • To supervise religious affairs and activities, e.g. Student Fellowship, Gospel week, evangelical meetings and etc.
  • Services: organize Beginning of term service, Christmas service, Easter service and end of term service
  • Coordination with SKH churches to provide pastoral care and religious programs for students
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