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Moral and Civic Education Section (MCES)

Section Head: Mr. Cheung Fung, Assistant Principal
Members:Dr. Au Wai Chun (Deputy)
Ms. Lai Kin Ling
Ms. Lee Siu Mei
Ms. Lo Mun Yin
Ms Tsang Ying Ying


1. Civic & Moral Education
  • Plan and arrange school assemblies and form teachers’ periods to infuse value education, civic education and national education to cater for students’ needs.
  • Organize activities to instill proper knowledge to students of various forms.
  • Promote students’ awareness of and interest in current affairs by organizing activities and designing board display.
2. National Education
  • Help students foster a sense of national identity and a sense of belonging to school, community, HK and China.
  • Organize National Week and Flag Hoisting Ceremony during National Day.
  • Arrange students to take part in National Education Courses.
3. Life Education
  • Collaborate with Religious Education Committee to integrate Life Education in “Religious Education’ subjects & form teachers’ period.
4. Value Education
  • Instill proper value education to students through formal and informal curriculum.
  • Promote and overview the coherence between formal and informal curriculum in promoting value education and enhance coordination among different subjects.
5. Prize Presentation
  • Arrange prize presentation of intra and inter school competitions at various times of the year during assembly period and special occasions.
6. Mainland and Taiwan Tour
  • Arrange Mainland Tour and Taiwan Tour to widen the horizon and foster national identity.

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