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Guidance Section (GS)

Section Head: Ms Wong Pui Ling
Members:Ms Chan Oi Wai (Deputy)
Mr Cheng Tai King
Ms Mak Po King
Ms Wong Man Lai
School Social Workers
SKH Educational Psychologist


1. Big Brother and Big Sister Scheme
  • Recruit senior form students to act as BBBS to promote the caring of younger students by seniors, esp. for F.1 students in adapting to new school life
  • Organize adaptation programs for F.1 students and their parents during summer vacation and in the first term
2. Counseling Services
  • Provide individual and group counseling services to students whenever needed, especially during the release of public exam results and school report cards
3. Documentation
  • Keep a systematic record of individual casework and guidance programs for monitoring and future planning of guidance work
4. External Communication
  • Coordinate with the school social workers, educational psychologist in handling students’ cases, launching programs or participating in activities organized by outside parties
5. Guidance Programs
  • Organize mass guidance programs to foster a positive life value and attitudes during assembly lessons or form teachers’ period
  • Conduct programs related to self-understanding, personal growth and emotional health to students
6. Sex Education
  • Devise and implement a comprehensive sex education program for students throughout the school terms
7. Whole School Approach to Guidance
  • Collaborate with different sections in school to promote the importance of guidance and work together to handle cases
    Advise school of possible students’ problems

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