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Extra-Curricular Activities Section (ECS)

Section Head: Mr. Lam Chi Kin
Members: Mr. Yim Lai Kan (Deputy)
Ms. Wong Po Chun
Mr. Ng Wai Man
Ms. Lui Wing Tung


1. Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Formulate and review the school extra-curricular activities curriculum from time to time to provide students with a broad curriculum and wide spectrum of activities.
  • Coordinate and oversee the promotion of extra-curricular activities and enrollment of students.
  • Supervise and monitor the coaches and instructors recruited from outside.
  • Formulate explicit and comprehensive guidelines and safety rules on extra-curricular activities.
  • Familiarize staff and students with the rules and procedures for conducting extra-curricular activities.
  • Manage available resources (manpower, material and finance) and explore external resources to facilitate the smooth implementation of activities.
  • Set up and maintain a systematic ECA database system to record students’ participation in extra-curricular activities.
  • Handle students’ ECA attendance matters, including punctuality and absence.
  • Monitor and coordinate the publicity work of extra-curricular activities.
  • Provide training for the leaders of extra-curricular activities.
  • Audit the budget, program plan, report, attendance record and inventory of extra-curricular activities.
  • Set up an appraisal system for extra-curricular activities.
2. Community Services
  • Liaise with external community service organizations to organize the appropriate services for students.
  • Coordinate the community services for F.3 – F.5 students and keep a systematic community services record of individual student.
3. Jockey Club Summer Vacation Activities Subsidy
  • Coordinate and implement the application for the Jockey Club Summer Vacation Activities Subsidy.
4. Student ECA Team
  • Provide training for team members and lead them to organize activities.
5 Houses
  • Coordinate the activities organized by 4 Houses.
6. ECA Promotion
  • Provide both internal and external ECA information through school web and notice boards.


Name List of House Advisors/ ECA Advisors/ Instructors/ Coaches (2014/2015)

Committee / Team



Musical Instrument Classes &
School Teams (Music)

Ms Lee S M

Mr. Fan S W   (Administration)

School Teams (Sports)

Ms. Chow S M

Mr. Kwok Ka Wai

House Activity Committee

Ms Wong P C

Mr Liu S K, Ms Lui W T (Red House)
Mr Cheng T K, Ms Yu K K (Yellow House)
Ms Chan O W, Mr Cheng W K (Blue House)
Ms Tang W C, Mr Lee T H (Green House)


1. School Team


1.1 Music Team


1.1.1  Junior Choir

Ms Lee S M

1.1.2  Mixed Voice Choir

Ms Lee S M

1.1.3  Chinese Orchestra

Ms Lee S M
Mr. Yim K M

1.1.4  Symphonic Band

Ms Lee S M
Mr. Chiu K K

1.1.5  Orchestra

Ms Lee S M
Mr. Chiu K K

1.2 Academic Team

Chief Advisor

1.2.1  Chinese Debate Team

Mr Chan C W

1.2.2  Quiz Team

Mr Cheng T K
Dr. Leung B K

1.2.3  Drama Society

Ms Lo C Y
Mr Yau C W

1.3 Sports Team


1.3.1 Boys’ Basketball Team

Mr Kwok K W

1.3.2 Orienteering Team

Ms Chow S M
Mr Chan C S

1.3.3 Girls’ Volleyball Team

Ms. Wong P C

1.3.4 Boys’ Badminton Team

Mr Kwok K W
Mr. Lee L K

1.3.5  Girls’ Badminton Team

Mr. Kwok K W
Mr Wong W L
1.3.6 Track & Field Team
(Boys & Girls)
Ms Chow S M
Ms Chow S M,
Mr. Kwok K W

1.3.7  Table Tennis Team
(Boys & Girls)

Ms Wong P C
Mr Ko K M

1.3.8  Karate Team

Ms Chow S M
Mr Lee Y K

1.3.9  Dance Team

Ms Chow S M
Mr Benny Fung(Modern Dance),
Mr Poon C W(Hip Pop Dance)


2. Musical Instrument Class

2. Musical Instrument Class



2.1 Chinese Instrument Class

2.1.1  Erhu Class

Ms Lee S M

Mr Hui S M

2.1.2  Zheng Class

Ms Lee S M

Ms Cheung W K

2.1.3  Di Class

Ms Lee S M

Mr Yim K M

2.1.4  Pipa Class

Ms Lee S M

Ms Yeung Y C

2.1.5  Zhongruan Class

Ms Lee S M

Ms Yeung Y C

2.1.6  Yangqin Class

Ms Lee S M

Mr Lau K L

2.1.7  Liuyeqin Class

Ms Lee S M

Ms Yeung Y C

2.1.8  Sheng / Suona Class

Ms Lee S M

Ms Wong T M


2.2 Western Instrument Class



2.2.1  Violin Class

Ms Lee S M

Ms Law P M

2.2.2  Viola Class

Ms Lee S M

Ms Law P M

2.2.3  Cello Class

Ms Lee S M

Mr Cheung M F

2.2.4  Double Base Class

Ms Lee S M

Mr Ng T H

2.2.5  Flute Class

Ms Lee S M

Mr Lau T M

2.2.6  Clarinet Class

Ms Lee S M

Ms Ng Y H

2.2.7  Oboe Class

Ms Lee S M

Ms Fukuhara Mami

2.2.8  Bassoon Class

Ms Lee S M

Ms Taguchi Minako

2.2.9  Saxophone Class

Ms Lee S M

Ms Chiu O T

2.2.10  Trumpet Class

Ms Lee S M

Mr Chiu K K,
Mr Chan Y L

2.2.11  French Horn Class

Ms Lee S M

Mr Kwan S M

2.2.12  Trombone Class

Ms Lee S M


2.2.13  Lower Brass Class

Ms Lee S M

Mr T Yongyut

2.2.14  Percussion Class

Ms Lee S M



3. Club/ Class


Chief Advisor


3.1  Scout

Mr. Wong C C

3.2  Girl Guide

Ms. Lai K L

3.3  Red Cross

Mr Li M C

3.4  Chinese Painting Club

Ms Choi S F
Mr Ng K S (Instructor)

3.5  Computer Club

Mr. Lee T H

3.6  English Debate Club

Ms Pang H M
Ms Jasmine Mcnulty

3.7  Bridge Club

Mr Law H F
Mr Wong K T

3.8  Physics Club

Mr Cheng H Y
Mr Yip K F

3.9  Home Economics Club

Ms Mak P K

3.10 Community Youth Club

Mr. Yim L K

3.11 Photography Club

Mr Leung T W
TBC (Instructor)

3.12 Japanese Class

Ms. Lam T L
Mr Lo W K(Instructor)

3.13 Philately Club

Mr Ng W M

3.14 English Culture Society

Mr Ho Seung Kwok
Mr Johathan Thang (Instructor)


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