School Emblem

School Goals

  1. Channel the school including staff and students towards clear, commonly shared goals that lead to the betterment of students.
  2. Help students develop a global vision and have a better understanding of their community, Hong Kong and worldwide.
  3. Help students explore their potential in academic ability and non-academic development.
  4. Encourage students' learning to go beyond the classroom and formal lesson time.
  5. Cultivate and equip students with the 9 generic skills to help them work within, and adapt to a rapidly changing employment, social and economic climate.
  6. Cultivate positive values and attitudes to ensure students could play a contributory role in the community
  7. Provide a broad curriculum (e.g. remedial class, high achievers class) to cater to students' learning diversities.
  8. Provide students with a language rich environment so that they can become fully bi-literate & tri-lingual.
  9. Maximize the use of IT to enhance the efficiency of teaching and learning.
  10. Create opportunities for teachers to collaborate and conduct professional exchange.
  11. Enhance the effectiveness of communication channels with the stakeholders of our school, including staff, parents, students and alumni.

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