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We live in a rapidly changing world. With mind-boggling terms like big data, block chain, and artificial intelligence sprouting all over the place, I often wonder whether knowledge and skills our students acquire in school today will be obsolete by the time they enter the society. How can our students keep abreast of the times and maintain a competitive edge? 

We believe that in the future people will need to be proficient in a language other than the ones they use in daily conversations. It is a language with which software is built and programs are written. This is why the school’s major concern one aims to equip our students with basic coding techniques. Should they choose to develop in this field, they would eventually be able to create applications that revolutionize the way things are done and even solve societal problems with technology.

While expertise allows us to serve the world and the people we love, character strengths help us weather the storms and turbulences in life. The school remains steadfast in nurturing attributes and attitudes according to the PERMA model. In particular, we aim to broaden our students’ horizons so that they will develop a global perspective and be inspired to aim high.

There is no doubt that Hong Kong is a competitive society. People are constantly competing with one another for jobs, resources and other opportunities. While this is a reality that our students eventually have to grapple with, we want our campus to be one that is loving and caring. We want our students to discover their own individual talents and develop in unique ways. Our students are all winners when they learn to contribute whatever they can and bear responsibilities as leaders of a community.

As our school hymn sings, “we change but thou art still the same”. The world changes but God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The truth is that the world may determine our values in terms of the skills or knowledge we possess, but God sees value in us as His image-bearers. He loved us while we were still sinners and worthless. When we forgive, serve, build up, heal and love one another as our Lord Jesus Christ exemplified during his searth sojourn, we show the world the image of God as citizens of the heavenly kingdom. Therefore, we as a school do not simply prepare our students so that they may get ahead or become winners. Instead, we do our best preparing them so that they may be better equipped to serve, and to love, with all their God-given gifts. May the Lord bless you.

KY Chan

Principal Servant

1st September 2018


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