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Post on 2006-01-23 (Monday)
The 4th English Speaking Day

The next English Speaking Day will be held this Wednesday. You are encouraged to speak English throughout the Day except the lessons conducted in Chinese.

To encourage you to speak more English, you will be given one coupon if you use English in your usual conversations, or if you talk to any teacher or F.6 student helpers who bear a red ribbon on their uniform.

You can then put the coupons in the lucky draw box in the School Office counter. The Lucky Draw will be held in the following school assembly after the English speaking day. The prizes would include five "$50" book coupons and "surprises" gift. At the end of this programme, there will be a "grand lucky draw" which may win you a free ticket to the Disney land.

The EAS also will organize some activities during lunch time and after school. Do join these activities. Students participating in the activities can get 10 EAS marks and coupons for lucky draws.

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