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2012 World Choir Games in Cincinnati , Ohio, United States

The school is planning to raise fund to help subsidise our needy students to take part in 2012 the World Choir Games held in Cincinnati, the USA. This Games is an international choir festival taking place every two years on different continents.

Based on the Olympic ideals, the World Choir Games aims to peacefully unify singing people and nations connected by song in a fair competition. It has been the personal experience of many people throughout the world that singing in choirs is instrumental in helping people overcome conflicts and offering, through their social interaction, an example for life.

Lam Woo can boast about its strong tradition in music and its amazing music achievements year after year despite our bent for academic pursuit and achievements. The efforts of our music teacher, Ms Lee, and our students are the key contributory factor. That explained why we netted Champion in Mixed Youth Choirs, 2010 World Choir Games- a pride to not just our school but Hong Kong and China as well.

In 2012, the World Choir Games is to be held in the US . Normally, competitions held in faraway places are off limits to our students. But should the idea be that impracticable? Are we not allowed and also do we not allow our children to make something seemingly impossible to become a reality? Are not great things achieved eventually just because we allow ourselves to dream?

This year, therefore, we hope to attempt the impossible. We decide to raise money to help our die-hard music lovers to realize the dream. So, the school is going to host a number of fund-raising events to do what we can including inviting parents , students and old students to donate to this event instead of leaving the task to lone well-wishers .

So, for those who may be interested in contributing to this challenging deed, please fill out the donation form and send this with your cheque to our school. Should you have any enquiries, please contact Ms Liu at 24208893.

Remember, every support is needed and should go a long way to making this event a reality!!

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