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Alumni Mentor Program(AMP) 2011-2013

Lam Woo is one of the most well established and famous school in Hong Kong. Since its founding in 1970, Lam Woo has been committed to excellence in educating high quality graduates.
For the past four decades, Lam Woo has been training a large number of elites serving in the society. Many alumni are highly successful in their careers in difference sectors.
The AMP is aimed to invite alumni with distinguished accomplishments in their own fields and professions to be mentors of their schoolmates studying in Form 5. It is hoped that through informal contacts, sharing and activities in the AMP, our students can learn from our alumni’s experience and be inspired to develop their potentials.


  1. To consolidate the network between students and alumni
  2. To build up the sense of belonging as a ‘Lamwooer’ for both students and alumni
  3. To provide a kind of informal education to students and help them to establish their prospective of life, ideals, goals and values
  4. To set up a platform for students and alumni to communicate and share both their points of view about the society
  5. To make use of the elite resources of alumni who share the reality of society so that the students can better prepare for the future

The AMP will be implemented on a bi-year basis. The official duration of the AMP is about two years, from Dec 2011-Nov 2013. The mentors and mentees may extend the period on voluntary basis.

Targets of Mentor and mentee:
Mentor: 20-30 alumni for every AMP. OSA and School are responsible for inviting mentors with strong backgrounds.
Mentee: 60-80 F.5 students in school.

Grouping and matching:
Each mentor will pair up with 2-4 students depending on the availability of the mentors. Mentee applicants have to pass a selection stage where their general qualifications, attitude, and reasons for joining the AMP will be identified and assessed. Mentors and mentees’ matching will be done by OSA.

Kick off ceremony:
The AMP will be started after an official kick-off ceremony in December 2011. This ceremony is aimed to give mentors and mentee a grand start. The grand ceremony also provides mentees a chance to widen their horizons and enrich their experience. The mentor-mentee pairs will each set up their own meeting schedules and contact format, we suggest probably around once every 2 month. We hope there would be at least 4 meetings a year.

Mentors' Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Mentors may perform a variety of roles, such as model, advisor, friend, teacher and resource person. These roles serve many functions in the mentor-mentee relationships. They can bring profound changes to the mentees' social, professional and academic perspectives.
  2. Mentors may act as a coach by giving advice, suggestions and guidance to the mentees about their career planning and advancement in future.
  3. Mentors may help mentees understand some real life experience in the workplace and integrate their theoretical learning with practical examples in the field.
  4. Mentors may help mentees enhance their self-esteem, confidence, professional commitment and human relationship skills.
  5. Mentors can maintain better connection with Lam Woo and make valuable contributions to the development of young people.
  6. Mentors will be invited to give feedback about the AMP to the OSA.

Mentees' Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Mentees may perform different roles such as student, apprentice, friend, explorer, and supervisee. In carrying out these roles, mentees can learn from their role models who serve as experienced and friendly advisers.
  2. Mentees can share with the mentors their talents, achievements, interests and issues in relation to professional development.
  3. Mentees can seek advice from mentors about career choice and the necessary preparation for success.
  4. Mentees need to respect the mentors and demonstrate the passion and willingness to invest time and effort to nurture the mentor-mentee connections, aiming to achieve wider exposure, supportive exchange, problem-solving and richer social life.
  5. Mentee will be required to report regularly to the OSA on progress of mentorship and, give feedback about the AMP to the OSA.

Advisors and Committees:


Mr Mak Cheuk Sang, Simon(Lam Woo)
Ms Law Yuk King, Noel(OSA)

Committee: Mr Wong Chun Bun, Alan
Ms Kwok Siu Fong, Catherine
Mr Sze Kam Fat, Andy 
Ms Leung Cheuk Lam, Cherrie
Mr Chui Tsz Kit, Jason


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