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Posted on 2016-05-23 (Monday)

2016 UNSW International Competitions and Assessments for Schools

Congratulations to the following students, who have got promising results in UNSW International Competitions and Assessments for Schools in 2016.

Class No. English Name Eng. Lang. Maths. Science Eng. Writing
1C 8 Wong Man Chi   Distinction    
1C 12 Chiu Man Hin   Distinction    
1C 20 Lee Ming Ho   Distinction    
1C 34 Yim Ling Fun     Distinction High Distinction
1D 2 Chan Sze Yui Distinction   Distinction  
1D 7 Hung Sin Ying   High Distinction    
1D 14 Ng Hoi Ying Distinction      
1D 17 Sun Zitong       Distinction
1D 27 Kong Lai Chun Distinction   Distinction  
1D 33 Tsui Hiu Kei   Distinction    
2D 14 Lee Ying Tung   Distinction    
2D 35 Wong Yui Yin Distinction Distinction    
3A 2 Chan Tsing Distinction     Distinction
3D 5 Ho Lok Yiu Distinction      
3D 30 Kwok Chun Kiu     Distinction  
3D 35 Wong Tsz Shing Distinction      
4D 12 Ng Yan Wing Distinction      
4D 13 Sin Hin Kiu Distinction Distinction    
4D 28 Chan Tung Hoi   Distinction Distinction  
4D 33 Wong Pong Hei   Distinction    
4E 21 Cheung Fu Chuen Distinction      
4E 22 Cheung Pei Zhe Distinction Distinction Distinction  
4E 24 Fan Sui Fung Distinction Distinction    
4E 25 Fong Tsz Lo Distinction High Distinction High Distinction  
4E 29 Li Chun Kit High Distinction      
5A 26 Wong Pak Ho Distinction      
5D 31 Kwok Kai Chun     Distinction  
5E 22 Cheng Pan Fai   Distinction   Distinction
5E 24 Choy Man Kit Distinction Distinction    
5E 31 Lee Chun Kit   High Distinction    
5E 33 Ng Kai Yin   Distinction    
5E 34 Tong Yik Hei Distinction     Distinction
5E 37 Yu Chiu Kwan   Distinction    

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