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Posted on 2011-06-29 (Wednesday)

HKU Academy for the Talented


The University of Hong Kong has set up the Academy for the Talented this year to offer a comprehensive learning experience and various programs to the very top F5 students in Hong Kong to stimulate their intellectual potential and provide an environment conducive to academic learning and whole-person development.

Eight of our F5 students (2010-2011) were offered membership of the Academy for the Talented in 2011. The eight students were selected based on their overall performance in the four core subjects, namely English Language, Chinese Language, Mathematics and Liberal Studies in the 1st term examination of the academic year.

What is more encouraging is that among all the secondary schools, only 121 very top F5 students are offered this membership and our school takes up 8 places. This is no doubt an acknowledgement of our academic achievement.

These 8 students have chances to attend enrichment programs and courses that are credit-bearing. They also have chances to work with students from world-renowned universities such as Harvard and Cambridge on different programs and participate in community engagement projects in Hong Kong and outside Hong Kong. Congratulations!!

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