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Posted on 2009-07-07 (Tuesday)

International Mathematical Olympiad Preliminary Selection Contest íV Hong Kong 2009

The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) Preliminary Selection Contest íV Hong Kong 2009 was successfully held at the La Salle College on Sunday, 31 May 2009. Our students achieved cheering results. Chan Kwun Tat (5E) achieved Gold Award, Kung Man Kit (3D) achieved Silver Award and Li Shing Chi (3D) achieved Bronze Award (Click to view details ). Chan Kwun Tat (5E) is also elected as the alternate member of Hong Kong IMO Team in 2009. Kung Man Kit, as the youngest Silver Awardee , regrets that he cannot attend the prize presentation as he is in South Africa representing Hong Kong in Invitational World Youth Mathematics Inter-city Competition ( These three students, together with Lee Cheuk Lun (3D) and Ma Wing Ki (4E) will attend series of IMO training courses taught by university lecturers, and the best 6 trainees will represent Hong Kong in IMO 2010 held in Kazakhstan.

We wish them every success IMO training.

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