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Posted on 2009-05-20 (Wednesday)

2009 Fuji Xerox Essay Writing Competition
"An Ideal Eco-friendly School"

Secondary School-Champion: F6H Nip Ka Naomi
Prizes: $3000 cash prize
  A color printer for school

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The prizing ceremony
Naomi and her family


The winning essay
ˇ§Could you help me distribute the notes?ˇ¨ asks Miss Cheung. Looking at piles of notes, I feel comfortable ˇV we use recycled paper. Since mass production has been made possible, environmentally-friendly paper products are becoming affordable. These products are used in limitative quantity in every corner of the campus. Paper with both sides used will be gathered in blue recycling bins.

Returning to my seat near the French windows, I enjoy natural illumination and solar warmth. We seldom turn on the fluorescent light when itˇ¦s sunny. Fans are often used instead of air-conditioners, which display Grade 1 Energy Labels. With strict regulations of temperature which should be well above 25.5˘J, we need not shiver with cold in summer.

Recess comes and I go for a walk in the rooftop garden. Itˇ¦s teeming with a variety of plants. Blossoms covered with dews glitter and are fragrant to both humans and insects. The sky is azure and the air immaculate ˇV breeze brings no pollutants from congested traffic and construction sites. I can hear water babble along the flower bed and I know its next destination: flushing system in lavatories. Water is reused maximally.

The above shouldnˇ¦t merely be an unreachable reverie. Letˇ¦s start with a more eco-friendly design of campuses. If humans strive for environmental protection in every aspect of life, our beloved Earth will be a paradise someday.

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